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Our extraordinary transport service

Almost 280 times from Zurich to Moscow and back, or 37 rotations around the earth: this is the distance which TIXI Zürich covered in 2017. During 63,800 trips, TIXI drove disabled and elderly people to their destinations.

Our transport service aims to supplement public transport. TIXI endeavours to enable people with limited mobility to participate in public life at fair rates. This is an important and valuable commitment to society.

The voluntary work of our drivers, fare revenues and the voluntary communal contributions that we receive are not enough. TIXI relies on your support! About 60 per cent of the annual operating costs are covered by donations, foundation contributions and sponsorship.

TIXI has been granted the ZEWO-seal and is recognised as charitable. Moreover, TIXI is tax-exempt and donations to the organisation are tax deductible.

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TIXI Zürich
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